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Jeroen van Delft

Musical Theatre Director
Theatre Performance Coach
Creating unforgettable performances
on stage and in the classroom

Passion - Expertise - Leadership


Dutch Musical Awards

Best Director


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What people say

Arne Luiting

Royal Conservatory Antwerp

ArtEZ University of the Arts Acting School

"During my training at the Institute of Performing Arts I learned most from Jeroen. During the third year we did Spring Awakening and I learned a lot from researching and bringing this piece to life together. Jeroen gave me enough confidence to play the arch of my character as Spring Awakening has some serious themes like suicide and rebelling against the older generation. Also there was a scene in which my character had sex for the first time. In addition Jeroen has a lot of knowledge of music, singing and acting, which makes him able to explain a lot as a director. He is also capable of putting himself in the position of the actor because he has been on stage himself, so it is easy to understand what he wants. In short, I had the pleasure of working together with Jeroen and to have had the chance to work intensively on a project in which I was able to develop more into an all-round actor."


Marieke van Diepen

Hanze University Amsterdam

Institute of Performative Arts Maastricht

"Righteous, honest, passionate. A warm and open man that makes you feel safe in class and who gives you the courage to open up and show yourself. Together with you he will search for the artist in you. His Song Interpretation really is about the interpretation. He has knowledge and advice in vocal and acting techniques available if you need them, but he is an artist, a storyteller. He motivates you to dive into your and your character’s empathy to tell your story. He has a passion for his craft that motivates and a way of sharing knowledge that is very interesting. Until this day I draw confidence from what I have achieved in his classes."


Celine Rietmeyer

Fontys University of Applied Sciences

Participation, that is the central theme of Jeroen’s classes. On the floor but certainly also watching other students he keeps encouraging you to contribute and to keep learning. He is clear, direct and the atmosphere is always positive. Jeroen really wants to bring out the best in you. I found his classes very informative and I hope to be able to work with him again soon.

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