• Jeroen van Delft

It has been quite a two weeks!

Dear everyone, sometimes you look back and say: I had a very interesting week. Well this time I have to say that I had a very interesting two weeks! It is good to work in Musical Theater! So here we go: Two rehearsals for 3 Musketeers and two for Once On This Island, auditions for the part of Daniel in Once On This Island, a meeting with choreographer Marjolein Scheeper for 3 Musketeers and a photoshoot for the 3M flyer, a meeting with an Australian team on starting a company selling music lessons to primary school kids in The Netherlands, a meeting in Düsseldorf, Germany with Andrea Beumer of Uptempo, who organises post-bachelor workshops and maserclasses for the musical theater about a possible cooperation, a talk with Liselotte Hesp about the developement of the musical theater internship program of Pier K, a meeting with André Pouwer of RTL Telekids Musicalschool/RTL Talent Academy where we talked a bit more about their quality care management system, a meeting with Sarif Tribou, consulting him on the new musical he is writing and to top it all off a tour of the stage design and scenery workshop of the Dutch National Opera and Ballet and the first fencing class of Jessica de Bont for members of the 3 Musketeers cast.

And then tomorrow a crown will be put on these regal twoo weeks with the yearly concert of Edog: I Love Musical at Diemen's theater De Omval!

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