• Jeroen van Delft

Discovering our subject: Hypatia!

So over the last couple of weeks, actress and writer Niniane and I have been trying to find a story to tell through a bunch of freely associative talks and a lot of research. We soon established it should be about a woman. And it needed to be about woman who’s story was of the riches to rags kind, with personal drama, but also with a strong message towards our day and age.

The whirlwinds of history gave us Hypatia of Alexandria. This 5th century Neoplatonist philosopher, astronomer and mathematician was famous in life for her teaching, but became famous in death for her violent demise. What can her life and tragic ending teach us about who we are and where we stand?

The discovery of Hypatia gave us a lot to talk about today again. We both felt that we had hit the right tale to tell, that this would provide us with a good framework for a socially significant story.

And with that we can now move on to the next stage, finding the structure and the language of Hypatia’s story. Stay tuned for more of our exiting journey!

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